HARNEY + CO is a man and his dog creating things out of wood and wax in Austin, TX.



I live in Austin, TX and work at a tech startup as a Product Manager. Always a fan of learning new things, I dive into hobbies head first.  

A few years ago I wanted to get into gardening. After two fruitless seasons with no crop to show, I realized I enjoyed building the cedar raised beds more than I enjoyed gardening. From there I set out to learn how to build furniture, and have had at least one project ongoing since then.


My 3yo miniature goldendoodle sidekick that helps with every project. He's currently asleep at my feet while I write this.


"Where did the name HARNEY + CO come from?"

Short answer: my middle name is Harney.

Long answer: My mom was trying to win points with her mother-in-law by giving me (Brendan) the middle name Harney—the maiden name of my dad's grandmother who died while giving birth to my grandmother (Granny). When my mom announced my name to Granny, she responded, "Harney? Oh that's an awful name"

'Co' is obviously Riggins.