You are the best.

Hi! If you've reached this page, you have received your testing pack in the mail and are ready to give me some feedback! 

I have a lot of interest in the candles, but want to make sure I have a great product first. The candles you have are basically the first run—you should feel special.

I had 45 people offer to pay for a sampler pack, but before I go down that road, I hand-picked 10 people to give these for free. This means I think you're fancy enough to appreciate a good, manly candle, and I value your feedback.

The point of this form is not to fish for compliments that I created something good. I literally want you to be as honest as possible. Did one of them smell like diaper? Yeah, tell me that,

Everyone loves and hates different scents. My feelings won't be hurt whatsoever. I think most of you are fine being honest with me, but just in case I intentionally left an identifiable information off this form (name, email, etc). Your secret is safe with the interwebs.

So here you go. Here's your form. Thank you again.

-Brendan (and Riggins)